Simple, efficient ration loading, material selection, and line purging in one valve.
EasyValve – The NEW Robust, flexible and efficient valve from VACTEC. Perfect for ratio, material selection or purge applications.


RaBend, pneumatic conveying bends from VACTEC provide a simple cost effective solution for the problems of Abrasion, Angel Hair and black spots.


High capacity vacuum conveying pumps.

  • Lower initial & operating cost
  • Fewer pumps with greater flexibility
  • Minus 80 dbA without sound enclosure

212 AutoSlide

Automatic Material Selection for Vacuum Conveying

  • Two to one or one to two orientation
  • Vacuum tight seal on unused port
  • Straight thru flow, low pressure drop
  • Much more

NiTec – ERP Valve

Abrasion resistant, efficient, Ratio Loading, Material Selection and line Purging – All in one Valve.


Conveying, drying, materials management, and problem solving.