NiTec provides the ultimate in Abrasion Resistant Protection for elbows, manifolds and components for Pneumatic Conveying systems. The NiTec proprietary “NDS” (Nitrogen Diffusion System) process raises the abrasion resistance of Stainless Steel parts to a previously unheard of hardness level, without the use of coatings which can flake off and damage equipment

Hardness Comparison

Base Material Normal Hardness NiTec Hardness Corrosion Resistant
Stainless Steel 145 HV (<20 HRC) 1300 HV (>70 HRC) Yes
Ceramic Coated Steel 850-900 HV (65-70 HRC) N/A Yes
Item #3 Description N/A Yes

Additional information

  • HV indicates Vickers Hardness Scale
  • “HRC” indicates Rockwell Scale (NiTec Stainless is off the chart)
  • NiTec treated 304 stainless steel is:
    • 3x harder than titanium alloy
    • 40-50% harder than ceramic coated