VACTEC was formed as a Consulting Company in 2001 by Chuck Thiele. Chuck’s career in Plastic Conveying began in Germany over 40 years ago and he has been designing conveying drying and blending products and systems for the Plastic Industry ever since. In 1979 he formed the Company that grew to become Motan Inc and in 1986 pioneered the Introduction of Central Drying Systems to the North American Market. After retiring from Motan in 2000 he began his consulting career and since then he has consulted for Getecha, Conair, Novatec , Motan and other manufacturers

Throughout his career Chuck has looked for better ways to do things and this has led to numerous inventions and Patents, the most recent being the Ang-EL, the abrasion resistant/Angel Hair eliminating elbow, MinBINZ, a new concept in ingredient storage, and Ventry, an automatic material selector

Material conveying, drying and blending systems are pivotal to the success of a Molding or Extrusion company and it is our goal at VACTEC to help companies be as successful as possible.