Straight Answers in Conveying and Drying Systems

Chuck Thiele, principal VACTEC LLC, began his career in Plastics conveying and handling in mid 1960. In 1980 he received his first patent and in 1986 started Motan Inc. where he pioneered the development of “filterless” vacuum conveying, conveying line purging, dry air conveying and Central Drying Systems. Chuck has provided Conveying and Drying consulting services to many of Americas leading Plastic Systems Suppliers including Conair, AEC and Novatec. He is recognized domestically and internationally as an expert in designing, evaluating and servicing Pneumatic conveying and drying components and systems for Plastic material.

Consulting Services Provided

Problem solving -Troubleshooting

  • Plugged Conveying Lines
  • Angel Hair elimination
  • Plugged conveying lines
  • Long distance conveying
  • Machine starving
  • Central Drying Issues

System Design

  • Rail Car unloading
  • Central Drying
  • Automated and Manual Common Line Systems
  • Long distance conveying
  • Automation of material selection
  • Medical and Clean room


  • Understanding the Dynamics of Pneumatic Conveying
  • Trouble shooting
  • System and Quotation evaluation